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About us:

Zeroplastic Hong Kong newly establised at the beginning Of 2019, Which is selling environmental protection products.


Zeroplastic Hong Kong aims to fight the catastrophe of plastic, as well as climate change deforestation, hunger in the third world and more by promoting of biodegradable and compostable and totally ecological products and call out the awareness of people to make contributions to save planet through eco-friendly activities held by our company.


Biodegradable and compostable and totally ecological household products; toothbrush, straw, dental floss, Water Cup, reusable Beeswax, and more Company contributions: Parts of revenues will be used to eco-friendly support activities and Charity.

Activities to be held:

  • Safeguard our Ocean by organizing frequently clean-up on the Beach.
  • Planting trees to balance out the carbon emission
  • Sustain project in Africa
Join our activities and discover our next event and thanks for choosing Zeroplastic Hong Kong.

Parts of revenues will be used for eco friendly project


Biodegradable and compostable and totally ecological household products are: The majority products materials used are Bamboo forests can grow up in a few years up to 1 meter a day or 3o times faster than a tree; so that 1 hectare giant bamboo Can be used to produce product instead of 20 hectares of forest.

In the same way, 100% organic and biodegradable bagasse pulp (sugar cane) produced from sugarcane waste so our take-away containers are totally eco-sustainable and compostable. pasta Straw and many other eco-sustainable materials.

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