Beach Clean up by Zeroplastic Hong Kong

First of all we want to thank all our supported directly or indirectly.
So far without even realizing that, we already collect around 3000 kg of any kind of plastic and package coming from our seas, Bottle, Countless pcs of polyesters, Take away boxes, cigarettes, Toothbrush, Straw, Plastic Bag and so on.
We had already been engaged in our activities Few Hundred Person. With you support we already donate for organizing those activities(Like compostable corn made plastic bag, gloves, plastic free product donate to our supporter) 4500 HK$.
This is a dream come true, to continue our mission, to save our planet for Future Generations.
If you want to join us on clean up shorelines or support us on our project please join the team.
automatically we donate a part of revenue for those projects.
Big thanks from our planet, our children and from Zero Plastic Hong Kong Team.

Participate to our event and help us to clean our seas from pollution

We are supporting the needy in Cameroon Africa

As we know that country as passed and is currently passing very big difficulties, famine, tribe war, analphabetism, woodo to try to give them a hope for their future. Through an association who we personally know, whom they operate on those country we start some activities on the spot. As we always believe that together we can always reach a great goal.

Below you will find all the information regarding association, name, contact, project and so on.
We believe even if still a small action, we are happy that we can make them smile again.

You can support our activities by purchase our product or donate by clicking on the link nearby.

Another goal is plant free. This project as not yet started, we will update once we are ready to start.

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